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Do you want to have your own strip club? Nothing is easier than that. Get the stripper girls you favourite.


iStripper is a unique technology of video incrustation to display videos of sexy girls directly on your taskbar, with no background, just as if they were living inside of your screen.

iStripper can be enjoyed for free with unlimited non nude previews of our girls shows and unlimited free use - The girls full nude shows are to be bought with credits, our virtual money (from $4.99 for 25 credits to $49.99 for 500 credits), shows start at 20 credits.

On iStripper, you regularly get free credits, to reward your loyalty for instance.

iStripper displays sexy girls who dance & strip on your computer desktop. The paid shows contain nudity but our software has several controls to quickly hide it, to display only absolutely no nudity, and even to protect its opening with a password.

By default, it will install in C:\Users\YOUR PC USERNAME\AppData\Local\vghd (in your Applications folder on Mac OS) but you can change this very simply during the install process.

No, registration is anonymous and secured.

A few clicks and it's uninstalled !
From your PC , click on Start/Programs/iStripper/Uninstall and you're done.
From your MAC , through it to your bin from the Applications folder. Once uninstalled, we leave no trace on your computer!

iStripper is guaranteed 100% safe, it contains no virus, no adware, no spyware, it does not bring anything else on your computer than sexy girls.

Discreet billing guaranteed.
Your bank statement will mention "Totem" or "Totem Core" or give a phone number to reach our Customer Service.


iStripper mobile allows you to display sexy girls stripping and masturbating directly on your screen, without background.
From our home page, tap the girl of your choice: she starts dancing on your screen.

  • Tap the menu icon at the bottom right: pole dance, swing, screen wash, fingering, dildo buttons, etc. appear.
  • Tap the icon of your choice: a clip starts that includes the action you chose.

iStripper mobile can be used for free: each girl has a free clip available.
You can purchase all the clips of each girl and get her complete show. Entry price is $2,99 or 25 credits, then prices change based on your VIP level, that depends on the number of shows you own.

Credit is the iStripper money: you spend credits to buy the complete show of a girl. The more credits you buy at once, the less expensive each credit costs. A complete show costs 25 credits.

On iStripper, you regularly get free credits. We reward your loyalty at each step of your collection of shows, with free credits and permanent discounts.

A complete show contains 15min to 30min of clips split by actions: pole dance, remove bra, remove panties, do swing, wash screen, masturbate, plus a FREE clip to discover the girl.
Once you have purchased the complete show of a girl, all her clips become playable.

  • Press "auto": all the girl's clips play one after the other by progressive order of hotness.
  • tap the menu icon at the bottom right: pole dance, swing, screen wash, fingering, dildo buttons appear... Tap the icon of your choice…
  • The clips buttons indicate the « max » eroticism the girl will reach at the end of the corresponding clip.
  • Not all the shows have the same # clips and the same levels of eroticism.
  • Some have sound (a sound icon appears on the clip button).
  • Most are vertical, some horizontal (a « turn » icon will appear on top of the girl).

A complete show will last between 15 and 30 minutes. Once purchased, it belongs to you forever and you can watch it as many times as you want.

  • Tap a girl from the home page → she starts moving on your screen.
  • Press the ... icon: a list of actions appear.
  • Tap one of them → the girl starts doing what you asked for.
  • Each action type contains several clips: tap the girl to switch to the next clip.
  • Once all the clips of this category played, the next action type clips will start.
  • Slide right to see another girl (selected in random).
  • Slide left to come back to the previous girl you watched.
  • Slide bottom to top to access commands (rate her, buy her complete show, see her details page, add to your wishlist if you don't own her or add to favorite if you own her show,...).

We release a new show several times a week! You will be notified if you wish.

Additionally to our girls clips, we propose videos readable with a VR headset. One new video is added every week.

Discreet billing guaranteed, «TotemCore» or our customer service phone number will appear on your bank statement.

The only info we store is your email address – it will allow you to recover your password and receive news from iStripper. Payments infos are stored by the third party billing company.

iStripper exists for 20 years on PC & Mac. It is a software to install that brings girls direclty on your taskbar. It proposes a catalog of 4 000+ shows. The shows you purchase on mobile are also yours on the desktop application, and conversely. All you have to do is install iStripper and register with the account created on mobile (and conversely).


Free Desktop Dancer Software install
Free Desktop Dancer Software install step 1

Press “next” to start the installation

Free Desktop Dancer Software install step 2

Let iStripper extract its files

Free Desktop Dancer Software install step 3

Register for free (no personal info required)

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